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                Crystal Glass Fingernail File
Welcome to our store of Crystal Glass Fingernail Files.  The only file that is actually good for your nails.  The only file that

                            WILL NOT WEAR DOWN.....
                               WILL NOT WEAR OUT!

   Originated and manufactured in The Czech       
 Republic, our file is made of hardened and 
 tempered crystal glass.  The filing surface is
 etched permanently into the glass, producing a file
 that files smoother, never leaving a rough edge or
 a snag, and will not wear out.  This is the only file
 that is truly kind to your nails.  It may be cleaned
 with warm soapy water, or may be sanitized.  Once you try our glass nail file, you'll never use anything else!  Beware of imitations....(they're out there).  We take great pride in offering a quality product like no other.

   We specialize in beautifully hand painted and decorated files, each one a unique work of art.  Colored handle files are also available.  Four sizes are offered, two for fingernails and two for your feet.
                                    We hope you see something you like!

                                                                                        COOPER'S GOTTA HAVE IT!
                                                                                      Lloyd & Sandra Cooper

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